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Without A Doubt

I'm doing the best that I can do,
I'm trying my best to make it through,
The Lord will show me the way,
He'll hear me when I pray,
Without a doubt, He will bring me out.

When my way gets so dark and drear,
The Lord will always be near,
He'll guide my footsteps aright,
Go with me through the night,
Without a doubt, I'll leave here with a shout.

One day I'll lay my burdens down,
I'll trade them for a robe and a crown,
My feet will leave the ground,
And I'll be Heaven bound.
I'll bid this old world adieu,
I'm coming home Lord to be with you,
My trials down here will be through,
Without a doubt, I'll leave here with a shout.

Words and Music 
By Charles E. Fitzgerald 12/14/2002 Lakeland, Florida