I'll Make It Through

If you're not fighting a battle, satan may have you.
If you're a born again Christian, there's a fight to make it through.
The flesh will war against the spirit, But Jesus is there for you
So trust in the Saviour, His grace will see you through.

Because the battles not won, don't mean you've lost the war.
Just call upon our Captain, He'll give you strength and more.
You'll march on to victory, so don't give up the fight,
Just press on toward heaven, overcome the wrong with right.

I'll make it through by the grace of the Lord,
I won't give up my reward. If I should fall along the way,
I'll hear my saviour say, As long as you're here the war is not done,
Keep on fighting until you have won.

By Charles E. Fitzgerald 08/28/99 Lakeland, Florida

Charles Earnest Fitzgerald

Copyright ©2001 Charles Fitzgerald