Walking With Jesus

Now Jesus has given us the road to go,
He said follow me, for I'm the path you know.
I'm the way the truth the life,
I'll take away your sin and strife.
So follow me, walk with me,
I'll go with you till the end.

Walking with Jesus, down the road of grace.
Walking with Jesus, going to a heavenly place.
Walking with Jesus, don't give up the race,
One of these days when we get to heaven,
We'll see Him face to face.

Now the word is a light and a lamp unto our feet.
If we'll follow the book, one day the Saviour we'll meet.
The word gives us hope for all eternity,
So follow it closely and walk with Jesus,
He'll be there for you and me.

By Charles E. Fitzgerald 09/18/99 Lakeland, Florida

Charles Earnest Fitzgerald

Copyright ©2001 Charles Fitzgerald