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Going Home Some Wonderful Day

We're only here for a little while,
Then with Jesus, we'll wear a smile.
We'll hear Him say, come on in, you've made it home,
Your race on earth is now complete,
Enter in where life is sweet,
Where there's peace, love and joy forever more.

When my life down here is through,
I'll be with Jesus, how about you?
Are you ready should He call you home today?
We sure don't know the day nor hour,
When He's coming in all His power,
To take us home, to live with Him, some wonderful day.

I'm going home forever to be,
With the one who died for me.
I'll live with Jesus throughout eternity.
I'll walk upon the golden shore,
To live in peace forever more.
I'm going home to be with Jesus some wonderful day.

Words and Music 
By Charles E. Fitzgerald 05/15/99 Lakeland, Florida