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        He Said Look Up At Me         

I Never knew the meaning of God's Love
Until I met Him at the Cross one day
I was standing there looking down at the ground
When He said "Look Up At Me"
When I looked into His eyes
I could see his pain,  He was suffering just for me,
He said, "I'm hanging on this cruel old cross,
Just so you can be free.
His hands were nailed and His feet were too,
His side had been pierced with a spear.
I saw the love He had for me,
When I saw him shed a tear.
The thorns He wore upon His head
Caused the blood to run down His face.
The Blood He shed for you and me,
So we could Have His Grace.
They laid Him in a tomb so dark and cold,
Rolled the stone over the door.
Satan said, "Well, He's gone for good,
I won't see Him anymore".
But in three days, He arose from the dead,
He rolled away that stone.
And friends, when I leave this cruel old world,
He'll be there to take me home.
How I know the love that He has for me,
I saw it at the cross that day.
And His love lives down deep inside my heart,
And I know It's there to stay.
And I know He loves us all the same,
No matter what we've done.
And friends when you let my God in your heart,
Your life has just begun.
Words and Music By James L Holloway  c 2000
Bartow, Florida