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Why Not Me?

Although I have to suffer, Lord I still love you.
Though things don't go my way, I know you'll see me through.
My trust is still in you Lord, though heartaches come today,
And if I have to suffer, Dear Lord, just have your way.

You suffered it all for me Lord, when you died on calvary.
You laid aside your will, that I could still go free.
So why should I not suffer? You did it, Lord for me.
Just help me bear my burdens, someday your face I'll see.

Why not me, Lord, You died upon a tree.
Why did you take my place and suffer such agony?
No greater love than this, could there ever be.
That a king would give His life, and you did it all for me.

Words and Music
By Charles E. Fitzgerald 12/29/97
Lakeland, Florida